Welcome to Cbot Labs Server. We have built the PSEUDO game to make your stay here fun and intuitive. The STREAM server has a level based on how much you chat, emoji, and game! The more you interact with the server, the higher the level you reach. So, have fun playing server games and chatting with friends. As you level up, you can earn awesome awards such as XRP, roles, tokens, and NFTs. You can view your server rank in the server leaderboard channel. See the list of Server Level rewards below the intro text.

PSEUDO is much more than just a lame server rank tracker. PSEUDO “gamble in the den” works to get some server tokens, shop in the server store, collect unique rewards like NFTS, experiment with potions, and cast a spell on other users. Be warned. This game isn’t for the faint of heart. PSEUDO IS STILL IN BETA STORE, AND POTIONS AND SPELLS ARE FOR PLAY/TESTING. DON’T GET BURNED ON USE!
Rules, specifications, and store items are liable to change during the PSEUDO Beta. The use of STREAM to integrate with the PSEUDO economy is strictly an in-game currency. STREAM is a game award token and is not marketed or sold by Cbot Labs as a security or currency in any way. Cbot Labs accepts no liability for 3rd party use of the STREAM gamer award token.

—Required scientist role and above to cash spells and use potions

7–potion master
—Use potions

—Cast spells
—Chat in the lab

—Call upon spirits

— First 50 get wizard token: 1=1 NFT in the final mint

Pseudo Gambling Den:
Play games to earn Pseudo STREAM Only use the following commands in the Pseudo Gambling Den:

–Play dice

–Play roulette

–Play rock paper scissors

Pseudo Shop:
Only use the following commands in the Pseudo Shop:

–See items you can buy in Pseudo shop

!buy (item)
–Buy an item from the shop

–See items you have bought from the shop

–Use an item from the shop